“On Listening” Contemplative Practice – New Dates

The Contemplative Studies Project of the New York University Postdoctoral
Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

The Contemplative Analyst at Work:
An Experiential/Theoretical Course in Listening
with Ron Balamuth, PhD

“How, as psychoanalysts, do we listen, and what do we listen for?”

These are the pivotal questions that will be explored in this course.

From the quiet of a meditation, which begins each class, we will explore the
nuances and challenges of receptivity—and of listening with the whole of
ourselves. As we explore the instructor’s and participants’ clinical
material, we will find ourselves using psychoanalytic concepts such as
attachment, unity and multiplicity, and the analytic third as well as
similar concepts from contemplative traditions, such as emptiness and
Our task will be to observe their impact on our receptivity. When and how do
we open more fully to our patients?

Eight Thursdays
March 22nd to May 10th
10:30 am -12:00 noon

393 West End Avenue
Suite 2A
New York City

Fee: $400
Ron Balamuth, PhD

Faculty and Clinical Consultant:
William Alanson White Institute Child and Adolescent Training Program
National Institute for the Psychotherapies
Columbia University Teacher’s College Program in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Balamuth has had a spiritual practice for over 30 years.

For any questions please contact
Dr. Balamuth at (212) 877-1118
or rb248 <rb248>



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