Practice of Psychotherapy Conference (Boston, MA)- June 1-2nd

Harvard Medical School’s Continuing Education
& Cambridge Health Alliance Physician’s Organization, Department of Psychiatry presents

The Practice of Psychotherapy: Patients in Context

Boston, MA (Boston Park Plaza Hotel)
June 1-2, 2012

Directors: Rebecca Drill, Ph.D., David M. Goodman, Ph.D., Judy Reiner Platt, Ed.D., & Janna Smith, LICSW

Speaker Pairs include:

Robert Jay Lifton, Ph.D. & Rebecca Drill, Ph.D.

Kimberlyn Leary, Ph.D., ABPP & M. Gerard Fromm, Ph.D., ABPP

Neil Altman, Ph.D. & Janna Smith, LICSW

Maggie Alegria, Ph.D. & Shani Dowd, LICSW

Philip Cushman, Ph.D. & William S. Pollack, Ph.D.

Judith Lewis Herman, M.D. & Michaela Mendelsohn, Ph.D.
Ana-Maria Rizzuto, M.D. & Usha Tummala-Narra, Ph.D.

Lynne Layton, Ph.D. & Elizabeth Corpt, LICSW

Our patients’ ‘private lives’ and narratives are written, shaped, and organized, by the social, political, cultural, and economic landscapes of their daily existence. Their suffering and sense of meaning exists in a language forged by these larger contexts. How do we, as clinicians, learn to speak this language—to be curious, listen, and speak with an understanding of the larger contexts of our patients’ lived experiences? The objective of this course is to enrich the way clinicians sit with their patients by thinking more fully about the impact of “larger contexts” upon our patients’ experience of self, suffering, and wellbeing. As a result of attending this course, participants will be able to describe the places where “wider public life” (sociopolitical factors, economics, gender, class, spirituality, religion, and diversity) plays out in patients’ narratives and within the psychotherapeutic space. This conference is designed to offer an opportunity for attendees to hear paired speakers, the first of whom will describe the larger “terrain”, while the second will present clinical material which illustrates strategies for attending to these influences upon the clinical encounter. This course is designed to look at how and why societal factors impact patient behaviors and thus help therapists bridge the gap between what they do, how they do it, and what they know. Through didactic lectures, questions/answers and panel discussions it will help change the way clinicians view their patients by helping them understand the contexts in which their patients live. This course is intended for health and mental health clinicians, researchers, clergy, educators, and others interested in the behavioral and social sciences.

Topics include:
· Psychotherapy and its Larger Context: How Patient and Therapist are Affected by the World We Inhabit

· Technology, Social Media, and Intimacy: Relationships in a Digital Age

· How Social Class Impacts Psychotherapy

· Is the Practice of Psychotherapy Fair? Diversity and Disparities

· Understanding Psychotherapy, Understanding History: The Self in its Many Dimensions

· How Outer Violence Affects Inner Lives: From Trauma to Recovery

· Who and What We Believe In: Exploring Spiritual and Religious Identity in Therapy

· What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: How the Unperceived Infiltrates Treatment

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