Siach Group is Celebrating a Decade

Siach Group is Celebrating a Decade
‪Please join us for a conference:
The psychoanalytic subject in the 21st century:  Returning to sex
With Culture in Mind
With Professor Muriel Dimen & Dr. Orna Guralnik
of the Relational Track of the  NYU PostDoctoral Program in  Psychoanalysis
Sunday March 25  18:00-21:30
Monday  March 26  9:00- 14:00 
The conference will be held in ENGLISH
At: “Yafe Li” Center, Ganei Yehoshua
The conference intends to take the passionate relationships we form with collective ideologies as “analytic objects”.  We are used to thinking of how dyadic and family relationships shape our psyche, in this conference we will study how cultural and ideological contexts contribute to shape the subject and the therapeutic space.  
The 1st evening of the conference will focus on the theoretical background to this approach, with a particular focus on our ways of conceptualizing sexuality, perversions, and the Oedipal “complex” as embedded in a changing cultural-historical context.  Theory and clinical work will be intertwined. 
The 2nd  day of the conference will focus on clinical work.  There will be several case presentations through which we will explore how these issues take shape in the analytic encounter.  We will compare traditional and culturally-informed interventions and study their therapeutic action. 
Sunday 3/25/12
Moderator:  Ilan Traves
5:45   Gathering
6:15  Conference Introduction:  Talia Appelbaum-Peled & Dr Sharon Ziv Beiman of Siach Group 
6:30   Muriel Dimen:  Part-Objects and Perfect Wholes: Clinical Stances on Perversion
7:15   Discussion:  Dr Rina Lazar
7:30  Break.  
8:00  Dr Orna Guralnik:  Interpellating the Oedipal Subject
8:30  Discussion:  Dr Shlomo Beinart
8:45  Audience Discussion
Monday  3/26/12
I  Moderator:  Talia Appelbaum Peled
8:30    Gathering
9:00    Dr Orna Guralnik:  Clinical Dilemas Around Traditional versus Culturally-Saturated Interventions 
9:50  Prof. Muriel Dimen:  The Context of Relational Theory 
10:15  Dr. Sharon Ziv-Beiman:  Discussion
10:30  Panel & Audience Discussion
11:00  Break, light meal
II          Moderator:  Talia Appelbaum Peled
11:30  Doron Weinstock of Siach Group:  Clinical Case Presentation
12:15  Prof Muriel Dimen:  Discussion
12:35  Dr. Hannah Ullman:  Discussion
12:55  Panel Discussion
Summary:  Dr Sharon Ziv-Beiman
To register please email and include your contact information and what dates you wish to attend.  Additional information:  0526567016
Fees: Sunday-Monday  230 NIS; Sunday Evening  90/50 NIS

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