Spring Symposium on March 24th, 8:30 – 12:45, Yale Child Study Center

We invite you to attend the Spring Symposium on March 24th, 8:30 – 12:45, Yale Child Study Center.
On Site: Being at the Scene of Conflict

This year’s symposium looks at vicariously experienced trauma that mental health workers, news correspondents and photojournalists, victim advocates and international rescue workers share. The professionals in these disciplines all bear witness to extreme scenes of violence and yet are not integrated into nor a part of that experience. Working with those who suffer trauma stirs up complicated feelings. A common thread uniting the efforts of these professionals is the emphasis on bearing witness, exposing the truth, and informing the world whether in a court of law, in the therapeutic dyad, or to the international community. We will examine the complex feelings that emerge when bearing witness to trauma that inspires some people to bring about change and, for others, causes them to turn a blind eye.

** Please note that all students may attend at the ‘trainee’ fee reduction.

Please see the attached brochure for program information and registration
or visit our website @ WWW.WNEPS.org

Click Here for: The brochure PDF

‘On Site’ examines the psychological experiences of participant observers at scenes of conflict. This year’s symposium will focus in particular on the intersection of photojournalism and psychoanalysis.

We will explore the psychological experiences of individuals bearing witness to conflict. As participant observers we must confront the limitations and complications of our role. Both psychoanalysts and photojournalists bear witness to extreme experiences and yet are not integrated into nor protected from these traumatic scenes.Dr. Volkan, Founder and Director of The Center of the Study of Mind and Human Interaction, will discuss his psycho-political theory concerning the inter-generational transmission of trauma and its relationship to the formation of large and small group identities and the eruption of ethnic and religious violence around the world. He will explore the inner life of an individual born into trauma who then becomes the perpetrator. Leora Kahn, Executive Director of PROOF: Media for Social Justice, will explore the ways in which photojournalists and rescue workers affect and are affected by their role documenting and thereby participating in intensely tumultuous situations. Through her rescue work with survivors of ethnic violence, Leora will consider the varied roles she has occupied and her complicated thoughts and feelings about her participation.


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