Film: Tales of the Waria, LGBT Study Group of The William Alanson White Institute (May 2, NYC)

The LGBT Study Group of The William Alanson White Institute
Special Film Screening: Tales of the Waria
May 2, 2012 @ 8:30 PM
20 West 74th Street, NYC

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Please join us for a very special event at our next meeting on May 2 @ 8:30PM, a screening of the documentary film Tales of the Waria. We are very pleased to welcome the film’s director, Kathy Huang who will lead a discussion of the film following the screening. Instructions for registration included below. A note to our regulars: Please be sure to register for this event. We will need an accurate head count.

Film Synopsis:
As home to the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia is also home to warias, a community of transgendered individuals – biological men who live openly as women. Four years in the making, Tales of the Waria, is set in the scenic coastal region of South Sulawesi, and follows the lives of four such individuals as they encounter unique obstacles in their search for love, happiness and acceptance. Forced to make extraordinary personal sacrifice, we follow their daily hardships as these exceptional people resiliently face their extenuating life circumstances.

With warias as advisors and film crew, filmmaker Kathy Huang has documented with unprecedented access, a community that dares to live differently, in a society that regularly and often severely, discourages behavior perceived as other than normal. Through their emotional journeys, we gain intimate insight into topics rarely discussed in depth in Western media: Indonesia, Islamic culture and the daily struggles of transgender communities there and throughout the world.

View the film trailer here:

Director Bio:
Kathy Huang first developed a passion for documentary filmmaking in the dusty fields of South Texas. Inspired by her experiences teaching at-risk youth, she produced Scribble’s Creations, a portrait of a teenager coming to age along the US-Mexico border. Subsequent works have continued to explore underrepresented communities confronting unique challenges. Night Visions, a soldier’s meditation on the Iraq War, screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and SILVERDOCS, receiving the War and Peace Award from the Media That Matters Film Festival. Miss Chinatown U.S.A., the story of a Chinese-American beauty contestant, also screened at Tribeca and aired on regional PBS stations. As her first feature documentary, Tales of the Waria premiered to sold-out audiences in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and garnered several Audience Choice Awards. The film will receive a national broadcast on PBS on June 3, 2012. 
Kathy holds a B.A. in History from Harvard University and a M.A. in Documentary Film Production from Stanford University. She is based in New York City.


  • To reserve a space, please RSVP to (with ‘Tales of the Waria’ in the subject line).  Or call Elizabeth Rodman 212-873-0725 ext 16.
  • There is no charge for admission.  Please consider making a voluntary contribution to support the cost of screening this film.  Donations can be made at the event (Suggested donation: $10.00 per person).
  • Questions: Contact Elizabeth Rodman at 212-873-0725 ext 16 or email

Frank Marrocco, PH.D.
WAW LGBT Study Group Chair
(212) 844-9316

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