Washington Square Institute – Understanding the Difficult Patient from Various Perspectives: Lacan, Jung and C ontemporary Relational Psychoanalysis

Washington Square Institute
36th Annual Scientific Conference

Co-sponsored with The National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis

Understanding the Difficult Patient from Various Perspectives:
Lacan, Jung and Contemporary Relational Psychoanalysis

Paola Mieli, Ph.D.
Margaret Klenck, MDiv., L.P.
Anthony Bass, Ph.D.

Sunday, April 15, 2012
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Preliminary Sessions and Analytic Listening: A Lacanian Perspective
by Paola Mieli, Ph.D.

Paola Mieli, Ph.D., is a psychoanalyst in New York City. She is the founder and president of the Freudian-Lacanian Institute Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association (New York). She is a member at Le Cercle Freudien (Paris) and Insistance (Paris) and an honorary member of The European Federation of Psychoanalysis (Strasbourg). A Correspondent Editor of the Psychoanalytic Journal Che Vuoi? (Paris) and a Contributing Editor of the Journal Insistance: Art, psychanalyse et politique (Paris), she is Associate Researcher at the Centre de Recherches en Psychanalyse, Medicine et Société at the University of Paris VII. She teaches in the Department of Photography and Related Media of The School of Visual Arts in New York City. The author of numerous articles on psychoanalysis and on culture published in Europe and America, her books include: Sobre as manipulacaoes irreversivels do corpo (Contra Capa Publisher, Rio de Janeiro 2002), and Being Human: The Technological Extensions of the Body (Co-Editor, Marsilio Publishers, New York, 1999).

Following the Image: Jungian Theory and Clinical Practice
by Margaret Klenck, MDiv., L.P.

Margaret Klenck, MDiv., L.P., is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in New York City. She is a graduate from the C.G. Jung Institute of New York, and holds a Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, where she concentrated in Psychology and Religion. Margaret is the President of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association in New York, where she also teaches and supervises. She is also a member and on the faculty of the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts and has served on the faculty of the Blanton-Peale Institute. She has lectured and taught nationally and internationally. Margaret participated in the PBS two-part series “The Question of God: Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis. She also hosted two of the Red Book Dialogues at the Rubin Museum. Most recently, she co-wrote, with the cinematographer Tom Hurwitz, the opening essay in the recently published second volume of Jung and Film, edited by Chris Hauke and Luke Hockney. She also wrote the entry on Jung in the up-coming newly revised Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts.

Dialogue of Unconsciouses, Mutual Analysis and Contemporary Relational Technique
by Anthony Bass, Ph.D.

Anthony Bass, Ph.D., is a faculty member of the New York University Postdoctoral Program for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, where he was formerly chairperson of the Relational Track. He is also a faculty member of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (where he teaches on a relational theory of technique), the NIP (The National Institute for the Psychotherapies) National Training Program, the Institute for Relational Psychoanalysis of Philadelphia, and the Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies, of which he is president. Dr. Bass was a founding member of the editorial group that started Psychoanalytic Dialogues: The International Journal of Relational Perspectives in 1991 along with Stephen Mitchell, and he is currently its joint Editor in Chief. He is a founding and current director of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. He has written widely on the analytic relationship and has led clinical workshops throughout the United States and Europe emphasizing the ‘dialogue of unconsciouses’ that takes place between patient and analyst at the heart of psychoanalytic work.

GERD H. FENCHEL, Ph.D. – One of the original founders of Washington Square Institute. Dr. Fenchel is Director/Dean, Supervisor and Training Analyst, WSI. Fellow, Council of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists, American Group Psychotherapy Association, and the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, International council of Psychologists, Member National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. Licensed Psychologist: New York State, Pennsylvania.

SUSAN A. KLETT, LCSW-R, BCD – Certified Psychoanalyst – Co-Director of Washington Square Institute, Director of Continuing Education, W.S.I; Faculty, Supervisor and Training Analyst, WSI, Faculty, Postgrad* The Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society, Past President, The Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society, Chair of Education Committee, The New York State Society of Clinical Social Work. Private Practice, New York City.

Conference Committee:
Marc Angers,LCSW, L.P., NCPsyA., Roberta Anne Shechter, DSW and Marilyn Tauber, M.A., L.P., NCPsyA


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