Couples Therapy Program at the Training Institute for Mental Health

Couples Therapy Program at the Training Institute for Mental Health

115 West 27th St 4th floor
New York, NY 10001- 6217
Albert J. Brok, Phd, Director
Madaleine Berley, LSCW : Assistant Director

212 627 – 8181, 212 580 -3086

The Couples Therapy program offers one and two year certificates in Couples Treatment to mental health professionals who are interested in improving their clinical skills. Fellowships covering courses and workshops are available.

Training consists of a sequence of seminars focused on clinical work with couples using our understanding of interpersonal and inter-subjective interactions along with recognition of individual psychodynamic diagnostic issues. The relevance of cognitive techniques is also stressed.

Basic courses include: Issues in Couples Therapy, Group Supervision of Couples Therapy, Short and Long Term Couples Therapy, Readings in Theory and Practice of Couples Therapy as well as specific focus courses on Relational Concepts, Integrating Psychoanalytic and Systems Approaches in Couple and Family Therapy and a Special Video/film Seminar on intervention processes in Couple Therapy.

Also available are various Elective short seminars
in the following areas:

Object Relations theory in treating Couples,Sexual Abuse Histories and Couple Dynamics,
Self Psychology and Relational approaches to Couple work.

Readings and Tutorial in Couple Therapy.

Film Discussion Programs sponsored by the Advanced Study Group on the Clinical Relevance of Relationship Styles are given throughout the year.

Required for Two year Certificate :

Basic course work, Supervision of Couples work through our clinic or in one’s Private practice, Individual supervision, Personal Group therapy and the completion, by the end of the second year, of a ten page paper on any aspect of couple therapy.

Advanced Training beyond the two year certificate is also available in becoming a supervisor of Couple therapy

Courses can be taken on an individual per seminar basis.
Fellowships for the twoyear program cover all course work and workshops. Individual Supervision and personal group therapy are paid

Separately. The Fellowship program requires each candidate to give 3 hours to see couples through our clinic.
Tuition on a private basis, is approximately $1,800 per year.

For further information/ application contact

Dr. Albert Brok at 212 580 3086 or email DrAjbrok.


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