NYSPA Convnetion programs that Psychoanalysis Div members may be interested in attending

NYSPA Convnetion programs that Psychoanalysis Div members may be interested in attending

Dear Psychoanalysis Division Member,

We want to make sure that you noticed that your fellow Psychoanalysis Division members, Dr. George Northrup, Dr. Billie Pivnik, Dr. Harriette Kaley, Dr. Carolyn AlRoy, and Dr. Albert Brok are all presenting programs at the NYSPA Convention in beautiful Saratoga Springs.

Dr. Brok’s presentation is Art, Play, Creativity and Metaphor is on Sunday, June 10, 2012.
Dr. Northrup’s presentation is How Poetry Cures on Friday.m june 8 Dr. Pivnik’s presentation is Parallel Practice: Zones of Encounter in Psychology and Museums on Friday, June 8.
Dr. Kaley’s presentation is From Art to Psychology: Personal Reflections on the Journe, June 8 on Friday.
Dr. AlRoy’s presentation is Identity of the Rock Musician: Working Towards a Real Self in the Real World on Saturday, June 9.
As you are probably aware, this year’s Convention has a special theme, Psychology and Art: How Psychology and Art Help Us Understand the Human Condition. Many of the presenters are NYSPA
Member-Psychologists, but quite a few are artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative folks. The common theme is that way that both psychologists and artists illuminate the psyche and what it means to be human- the goal is to celebrate the passion with which psychologists and artists explore similar territory. On Saturday night, June 9th, there will be a party with live music by professional musicians and NYSPA members. The Convention coincides with Saratoga’s ArtFest, so it promises to be a great weekend in a great town. Bring the family!
See below for Convention information, to register and to book lodging for the weekend. We look forward to seeing you there.

NYSPA’s 75th Annual Convention: Arts and Psychology – http://tinyurl.com/6mvfe55


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