A New Comprehensive 4-Year Program in Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (September 2012)

The Stephen Mitchell Center for
Relational Studies
September 2012

Over the past 30 years we have seen an evolutionary shift in the basic
assumptions underlying the practice of dynamic psychotherapy and
psychoanalysis. Where once the patient’s unconscious process was the
exclusive focus of psychoanalytic work, contemporary practitioners
have shifted their attention to include an appreciation of the complex
relational context within which personal subjectivity develops. This
expansion dramatically shifts our understanding of psychic structure
and unconscious dynamic processes. We now regard the mutative
dimension of the clinical process to rest upon the multiplicity of
personal meanings which grow out of the intersubjective engagement
between patient and analyst.

Relational analysis emerged within a matrix of object relations, self
psychology, interpersonal analysis, attachment and intersubjectivity
theory. As the only exclusively Relational Training Program in the New
York City Metropolitan area, this program will address both the
history and clinical process of relational analysis as well as
consider the rich contributions of other contemporary theories. Our
excellent faculty (listed below) includes many of the major authors
and teachers of the relational perspective.

We will be accepting applications until June 30th. Please visit our website for further information, curriculum and training requirements


          If you missed our Open House on April 3 and would like to be informed about any others, please email us and we’ll get back to you.


Board of Directors
Anthony Bass, Jessica Benjamin, Margaret Black,
Jody M. Davies, and Spyros D. Orfanos

Cathleen Adams, Lewis Aron, Anthony Bass, Jessica Benjamin,
Deborah Birnbaum, Margaret Black, Susan Bodnar, Christopher Bonavitz,
Phillip Bromberg, Noelle Burton, Lisa Cataldo, Velleda Ceccoli, Carolyn Clement,
Ken Corbett, Jody Messler Davies, Janine de Peyer, Muriel Dimen, Lisa Director,
Darlene Ehrenberg, Susan Flinn, James Fosshage, Kenneth Frank, Jay Frankel,
Martin Stephen Frommer, Mark Gerald, Stefanie Glennon, Virginia Goldner,
Caryn Gorden, Sue Grand, Adrienne Harris, Stephen Hartman, Anita Herron,
Sarah Hill, Tom Johnson, Judy Kaufman, Peter Kaufmann, Alan Kintzer,
Steven Knoblauch, Maria Lechich, Carol Lippman, Clemens Loew, Sharon Mariner,
Spyros D. Orfanos,  Bruce Reis, Sophia Richman, Roger Rosenthal, Jeremy Safran,
Jill Salberg, Sue Shapiro, Neil Skolnick, Joyce Slochower,
Zina Steinberg, Donnel Stern, Melanie Suchet, Nina Thomas, Susan Warshaw,
Deborah Waxenberg, and Cleonie White.


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